Friday, 13 March 2009

We ate really expensive fish last night

Being at Mandrem is so different to the rest of the trip so far. There is nothing to do here other than soak up the sun and the sea.

After 5 weeks of constant travelling it feels like we are having a bit of a holiday. I know, I know, ridiculous commet.

With this "holiday" mindset we've had a bit of a splurge.

We decided to try the local "pot wine" on the menu. Two pounds. Cheap as chips.

So I see "pot wine" on the menu and I expect a jug/carafe/pot of wine.

I didn't expect what we actually got.

The menus in India, like most places in the world, are full of spelling mistakes and typos. These are often entertaining and crack a giggle.

"Pot wine" was a typo.

A bottle of Port was brought to the table.


14%, Fortified Wine, Port.


3 bottles later we definitely were on holiday.*

So the Port was the first night at Mandrem.

Last night we splashed out on the fish. We've had some great fish curries so far in Goa, but we knew we couldn't leave without trying tandoori fish.

It was amazing. Served with chips and rice. Delicious. Amazing.

So how much did this delightful kingfish cost. 275 rupees (three pounds and eighty pence). Phew, we are living a life of excess!

*shared between three of us (an aussie bloke joined the Port party)

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  1. oh my gosh,how bad must your hangover have been after 3 bottles of port?!?!?!xxx