Friday, 13 March 2009

Washing off the "colour"

So what exactly is this "colour"?

It is essentially like powder paint. Some of the stuff they sell is natural, some of the stuff is chemical.

We had heard previously that the natural stuff is easy to wash off, but the chemical stuff tends to stain.

We sensibly chose clothes that we didn't mind getting wrecked in case we were attacked with the "colour" that stained.

I went for my white trousers. This sounds a bit stupid, I admit, but they had got stained on a vermillion wall which I had been leaning against the day before. Error. So the white trousers it was.

At lunch a woman had told emma that getting the "colour" off was a nightmare. She told her account of the colour festival the previous year where her long blonde hair had to be cut short and dyed to get rid of it.

We were straight in the sea and scrubbing away the "colour" like crazy. We took our clothes in too and gave them a wash. We came out fairly clean and most of the powder came clean from our clothes.

The only bit that stained was the "colour" mixed with water that I dodged, but that Emma got splattered with.

After another shower back at the hotel we were clean from the colour and back to our normal self.

The festival is the equivalent of Harvest Festival back home. It marks the change of the seasons and the start of the summer. The significance of the festival is quite quaint. The idea being that in the winter you don't wash everyday because it is not so hot, but then in the summer it is important to wash everyday because of the heat. So the applying, and then washing off, of the colour is to indicate the change in washing. I like this idea.

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