Sunday, 8 March 2009

A very short post

Ok, this is a really short blog just to let you know where I've been since I last wrote. It is short for 3 reasons:

1. I'm very tired and can't be bothered to write too much
2. Slumdog Millionaire starts showing at 5pm
3. Gwilym is online and I haven't spoken to him in nearly a month - yes, I'm a bad girlfriend!

Ok, so I last wrote in Jaisalmer. We left there for Jodhpur and spent another day in Jodhpur. Then we headed by a (very safe Indian, not Nepali) night bus to Udaipur. We spent two days in Udaipur then embarked on a two day train journey to Goa.

We arrived at Panaji this morning at 9am. It is Sunday and everything is closed. Including a lot of hostels! Eek! But we rocked up and found somewhere eventually.

I nearly fainted on the bus this morning, but an Indian woman came to my rescue with tiger balm that she rubbed all over my face. SUCH kindness. It was hot, the bus was packed, I was tired and hadn't eaten.

We've spent the best part of the day in Old Goa - the only place that was open.

It is very, very, very hot here!

So yeah, I have lots of stories to write about but must save them for another time. I'm sure I will be back online again shortly.

Love to everyone! x

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