Sunday, 15 March 2009

Trying to find something

India is famed for being a place where one goes to find peace, spiritual enlightenment and harmony.

I haven't found any of these things since being here.

And no one else that we have met has either.

I took an early morning walk along the beach this morning and there were a couple of westeners meditating on the beach. This is the first time we have seen anything like this.

Religion in India is everywhere, but it is so drummed in to every day life that you don't notice it as being anything profound. At Varanasi there was no sense of the spiritual as it was all so normal and regular. It was fascinating to watch, but the monotony with which the daily offerings and rituals were performed detracted from the underlying spirituality.

I didn't come to India for any spiritual enlightenment, but I kind of thought it might just happen and fall my way. We met an Italian in Varanasi who was on the search for enlightenment. He was so disappointed that he hadn't "found" anything at all.

I'm about to start reading a book about Hinduism. I think it's written by Gandhi. It has got something to do with Gandhi at any rate. I wonder if through reading this book I will become enlightened?

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