Friday, 13 March 2009

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

Goa has been an altogether different experience to that which we have experienced in India so far. There have been so many occasions that we have found ourselves saying "This isn't India."

But it is. And the diversity we have witnessed makes the country more and more exciting and fascinating to behold.

The first four days in Goa were spent in Panaji. We used Panaji as our base to get to other places such as Old Goa, Ponda (for the Spice Village), Anjuna, Chorao Island. The bus service is great and super cheap so we have been able to nip and pop all over the area.

Panaji is a great little city. There is a massive Portuguese influence here. There is a huge white Catholic Church that stands at the head of the Municipal Gardens. It is out of place in India, but in Panaji (and Goa) it is perfectly placed.

The pace of life is so much more chilled and there is far less hassle we have experienced anywhere else.

I loved the busy way of the India's Northern cities. I even loved the hassle. It's all part of that experience. It is so strange being in the same country but being a world away .

The countryside around Goa is green and lush. Palm trees line the roads and it is just beautiful.

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