Monday, 16 March 2009

Today I wore high heels...

'Tis true, at 7.30pm this evening I squeezed my feet into a pair of size five, black, patent stillettos (my feet are a size seven).

After six weeks of liberation in flip flops why on earth did I don a pair of heels?

One reason... BOLLYWOOD!

We arrived at Mumbai this morning at 6am. We decided that we would have a quick nap in the train station before braving the mean and expensive streets of Mumbai.

By 9am we were at the Salvation Army Hostel - the cheapest beds in Mumbai!

By 9.30am we were on location with a Bollywood film crew.


Before coming to India there were two things I wanted to do: 1. See the Taj Mahal. 2. Be in a Bollywood movie.

In fact, I think I said to my parents before I left that I wouldn't leave India without being an extra in a Bollywood movie. Quite a claim.

Knowing we only had three days in Mumbai, I realistically decided that I wouldn't have the time to make my Bollywood debut.

We had already seen Bollywood in action back in Jaipur, so I resigned that this would be the closest I would get to Bollywood.

But there it was on a plate, waiting for us as we checked in at our hotel.

We stepped into the reception and a casting agent was in the lobby. She immediately asked us if we wanted to be in a movie.

In an instant we had our bags upstairs in the room and we were on our way.

I was SO excited!

We were the last to arrive and we were immediately ushered to 'costume'. The woman was disappointed with my ali baba trousers, they wanted 'Western' clothes for this nightclub scene.

But after some rummaging she found me a little pearler of a costume. A denim, dungaree type dress, elasticated at the hem and under the bust. It also had a pretty pink gypsy style top sewed into it. Looking good!

We didn't get any make up, and our hair was fine as it was, apparently - errr, not likely after a night on a train.

We were thrown onto the set and did lots of dancing to the same song. We did this over and over again.

It was repetitive and between takes there was a lot of waiting.

But it was amazing fun.

Now, be warned, should you ever see this film, and should you catch a glimpse of me in my dungaree-dress, you will see me dancing wildly, like a crazy-fool. That was what the director wanted!

Then came the next costume change.

Another corker of an outfit.

A cream skirt. A black asymetric vest. A see-through handkerchief top with a pretty(!) pattern. Added to the costume change we had to change our hair.

With just two bobbles on me i opted for two spiky buns on either side of my head (a la Princess Leia-ish) .

I looked as if I should have been an extra in 'Kevin and Perry Go Large'. Seriously!

In our new guises we filmed the dance scene to one of the big numbers in the film. If you can't see my face in this, you will definitely see my black and white stripy bangle flailing around in the air.

The Directors were great. They constantly shouted "More energy" and "Louder, Louder". It was fun but tiring and the lunch was well deserved.

I took all afternoon to film this one scene. And the song is still playing over in my head.

At six o clock it was all over and everyone was tired and fed up of waiting. I had a great day, but there were plenty of people with unhappy faces.

But there was still one scene to film. The extras were cherry picked for this one. I wasn't chosen. Emma was.

But as it happened I got to be in the scene anyway as lots of people had to leave.

And this was the time for the best costume yet!

The scene involved queuing to get into the nightclub. So there I was in a bright green clubbing skirt and pink top. Fit. I was quite happy, not overjoyed as there was certainly no co-ordination going on, but it was fine.

Then, they brought out big over coats, scarves, balaclavas (oh yes!) and gloves. It was then we found out the night club was in Chicago.

So there we were, a motley crew of ten or so in 30 degree Mumbai heat, pretending to be in freezing-cold Chicago.

We were melting. They kept having breaks to mop our sweaty brows. Hilarious.

Most girls had jeans on, but I looked like the slapper who goes out in a coat that is longer than her skirt. Brilliant.

I had some fetching fleecy orange gloves, that you would use when climbing Everest. These didn't make the final take as it was just too hot for them.

The only problem with this was my footwear. My flip flops were in shot, and who would wear flip flops in a queue for a club. So, yes, this was where the heels came into it. Of course, none of them fit me. I had to strap them to my feet with myhair bobbles so I could walk. Pure genius but totally ridiculous.

Staying the extra two hours was well worth it. It totally redeemed the long waiting around we had earlier in the day.

It was just hilarious, baking hot in all these layers and acting all cold as I tottered along in ill-fitting shoes.

What a fantastic day, and my Bollywood dream come true. The film was called "What is your Rashee (horoscope)?" and should be out in six months. So, if you watch it, look out for me in the nightclub and in the queue for the nightclub, that is, of course, if i make the final cut!

Today has been my favourite day in India so far. FACT.


  1. Absolutely Fantastic. What a ‘high' to leave India on. Well done girls.
    Love Mum x x x

  2. This is absolutely BRILLIANT! Fate or what?! I was just thinking about you and heels as I was sitting in the cinema. Yes I admit it, I went to see Confessions of A Shopaholic on my own....hmm. It was good though so thats alright! x