Sunday, 22 March 2009

Speaking Malaysian again...

On my previous trips to Malaysia and Indonesia I managed to pick up quite a few words. I wasn't fluent by any means, but the vocabulary I built up definitely got me by.

Me and mum still occasionally say to each other "teri makasih", "sama sama" (thank you, your welcome". Which is a bit strange seeing as we were last out here in 2003 (aaages ago).

But its definitely nice to be able to speak the lingo again. I can ask people how they are, ask how much something costs and pick out the odd words like star, white, beach, white, good. All good and very important phrases and words.

I'd like to stay in Malaysia a bit longer just so I can keep speaking Malaysian. I don't know any words in Thai.

1 comment:

  1. The Thai language is much more difficult than Indonesian.
    If your female this is how you say hello/hi/goodbye, "Sawatdee Kaa". With your hands together like your praying, a big smile is always good too. x