Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Shoe shopping!!!!

I've come to learn that there are a few people reading this blog that don't know me very well - Hi there, thanks for reading. So I figured I should clear something up... why this site called Eight Months Without Heels.

Well, it's quite simple really:

I love shoes.

And I love high heels.

Teh fact that I set off travelling with just three pairs of shoes (walking boots and two pairs of flip flops) was quite a sacrifice for me. There are somethings I was quite happy to sacrifice, but I do love shoes and leaving them behind was probably the hardest bit.

So yeah, thats all explained now!

So, shoe shopping.

So i broke one pair of flip flops ages ago in Pushkar. These were replaced when I was in Kathmandu with a lovely pair of black flip flops with two pretty little marguerite flowers (ok, they may well be daisies but they are practically the same as marguerite flowers, and my middle name is Marguerite, and so I thought that fate was calling me to buy them because they had my flowers on them!). So yeah, they are pretty, practical and made for me.

I also fell into another shoe shop just the other day inside Jaisalmer Fort. A shop full of pretty, sparkly sequinned bollywood shoes and red hand stitched shoes with pointy toes. I must have tried on a million pairs of the red hand stiched shoes with pointy toes. ALl the hand stitching was unique, and each pair of shoes has a different design. So many to choose from. But I couldn't decide. Then I discovered they were nearly a tenner. I decided not to buy them.

While I was trying on every pair of red stitched shoes with pointy toes, Emma was trying on every pair of s[arkly sequinned Bollywood shoes.

Now these were also very pretty. I had a pair of these before. I bought them from Peacocks and they were bright blue. I still have them at home I think.

But these Bollywood shoes were REAL bollywood shoes, real Bollywood shoes from India, the home of Bollywood.

And there were some pretty red ones.

Some really pretty red ones.

And they were cheaper than the red stitched shoes with pointy toes.

Annd so with a quick exchange of a few rupees, they were mine.

I love shoes.


  1. I can just imagine the look of delight on your face when you bought these. Bloody Classic! You really do love shoes. Will have to be a pair of Manolo Blahniks when I next see you to make up for this period without any! (Not in Perth Obv as you wouldnt want to take them to SA! that would just be silly) xx

  2. im glad ive finished reading these posts for now as every time you comment you have to enter a stupid word to confirm you are a real person... ive entered, muctammi, burkhi, gutmi, babbag..... These words are just silly I have decided! SILLY! xx

  3. and now NUCHE! What the hell is Nuche?!

  4. Polote?! This could go on all night so im going to stop! xxxx

  5. My gosh, what fun you are having, loving the up-to-dateness going on!!!! Also you defiantely deserved a pair of bollywood shoes i mean come on..how often do you find yourself in India and when someone says 'oh, i love your shoes, you can say 'why thank you i bought them in India'!!! you have to see 'confessions of a shopaholic' its cheesy and a bit rubbish but fun and makes me think of you. Hi Gwil-i also find the word confirmation things hilarious, i mean who sits there and makes up these words-let's see what i get!!!!

    Lots of love laura xxxxxx

  6. 'Reencing'i dictionary.comed it just incase it has a meaning it doesn't, these are indeed made up, stupid words!!!xx