Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The River Ganges is really dirty

It isn't the most polluted river in the world, but for a river that all Indians view as sacrasanct it is not looked after.

You see people wash in the river.
You see cows wash in the river.

Plastic bags filled with offerings are thrown into the river.

Sewage from the city pumps into the river.

All of this really detracts from the spiritual holiness of the place.

Our boatman told us that he always washed in the river. It was fine he said. Not for tourists, but fine for him.

He also told us that babies, pregnant women, lepers, victims of snake bites and holy men are thrown into the river when they die. They are not cremated, just tied to rocks and left to decompose. sometimes these bodies come loose from the rocks they are tied to and have to be thrown back in again.

Our boatman also told us that the fish from the Ganges is the best in the world. I was shocked at this. Firstly, how do any creatures survive in the river? Secondly, how can the fish be good when it has probably fed off decomposing leper corpses.

This river is dirty.

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  1. defo not the place to eat in a sushi restaurant!