Friday, 13 March 2009

A little bit of User Generate Content

I'm trying my best to keep you up to date with the goings on of the trip, but I am sure there are plenty of things that you want to know that I haven't revealed to the world.

So... if you have any burning questions email, facebook or comment on here and I will do my best to reveal things to you.

For instance, you might be thinking "I wonder how tanned Amy is after five weeks in India?" So if you asked me this question via my facebook, email, comment system, I would quite happily oblige and answer. (Incidentally, I am not very tanned at all. All through the North we were covered up with long trousers and long sleeves. No sun on my body, just a burnt nose. After two days on the beach in a bikini the tan is starting to develop.)

Of a recent post - the one where we slept under the stars in the desert - mum asked how expensive it was to stay under the stars. The answer: Eighteen Pounds. I doubt we will stay in any hostels/guesthouses/hotels in the rest of this trip that will cost so much. The Eighteen pounds included the camel ride, dinner and breakfast as well though.


  1. the verification password for this was 'lesempa' made me giggle!!!