Sunday, 22 March 2009

The last two days in India

Mumbai is amazing. Most definitely my favourite city in India.

We spent our last two days trekking around the city seeing all the sights, soaking up the ambience and eating every variety of street food we hadn't already tried.

To be honest, I don't have a lot to say about Mumbai, well i do, but i can't quite put the words together right now.

Mumbai is a beautiful city. I have lots of pictures of lots of amazing buildings. I will add these eventually to give you a snap shot.

We also went to see a full-on Hindi Bollywood movie. It was essentially the Producers but a la Bollywood. Amazing. It was quite funny to see the extras looking all sun burnt and over the top in the background. Oh dear, can't wait to see our film! Quite possibly the strangest bit of this cinema experience was when the whole cinema had to stand for the Indian national anthem. Well, i say the whole cinema, there were only eight of us in there. But still, we were told by the ushers to stand, and stand we did and we enjoyed the spledour of an old Indian woman singing away! Fab.

One of the best things about Mumbai is Chowpatty beach. An amazing city, with a cool beach in the middle of it (well, on the edge). We had a sunset paddle and chill on the beach while enjoying delightful tutti-frutti ice cream with noodles mixed in. Lovely stuff.

Marine Drive is also very exciting! Especially at night when all the lights are lit up around the palm trees and everyone is strolling along the riverside. Very serene and lovely.

We also hit some markets in Mumbai. These were a bit stressful, and we were hot and bothered so didn't hand around for long.

As for the food... i definitely ate was was essentially a deep fried sandwich. Bellos! We also picked up some more Puri (like the stuff we ate in Panaji). This time it was a different variety of puri but still very yummy none the less.

So yes, i think that is essentially Mumbai. We were very busy and did lots of walking and lots of eating. An amazing end to our first trip in India!

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