Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The joys of Women Only Waiting Rooms in India

Travelling by train in India generally means you leave somewhere late in the evening (11pm) and arriving somewhere early in the morning (5am). But this is not a problem as the train stations in India are well kitted out for this sort of thing.

Everywhere in Indian train stations wyou find people asleep. Every inch of the platform, ticket buying area, footbridges even are full of people sleeping or waiting.

But don't worry mum we don't sleep on the platform or the foot brdiges.

We have discovered the greatest thing in Indian train stations - Women Only Waiting Rooms. Inside these have toilets, seats, tables and they are guarded by the Indian equivalent of a bog troll*. These rooms are perfect for us.

For a night train we rock up at about 6.30pm and set up camp. We eat, read/sleep (I read/Emma sleeps), and then before we know it the train is ready and waiting.

When we arrive somewhere on an early train we head straight to the waiting room unfold sleeping bags and have a snooze until it gets to about 8/9am then we go into the city and find our way to a hotel.

Jodhpur is our favourite place as the waiting room is really nice. (God, i sound like a massive geek!)

*bog troll = lady who sells deoderant and chewing gum etc in night club toilets

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  1. I love this little blog. HILARIOUS! Im very glad to hear your not sleeping on the platform or foot bridges, trust me, your Mum would not be the only person upset! Glad youve got yourself a little routine tho! :) x