Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Jaisalmer: another fort, another palace

I'm not going to talk about Jodhpur yet as we are going back there this evening so I may as wel talk about Jodhpur all in one. So here we are bang up to date in Jaisalmer.

The cities in Rajasthan are all very different but at the same time different.

Jaipur is the Pink City, Jodhpur the Blue City, Jaisalmer the Golden City, Udaipur the White City (note, we haven't yet been to Udaipur).

So all the cities have their different defining features.

But they are all the same in that they all have: a fort, a palace, pretty temples. To be honest, it is getting a bit samey in this respect.

Jaisalmer feels very touristy. It is only a small city - not liek Jaipur - and everything is geared up towards the tourists. The fort is incredible and looks amazing as it stands up over the city. At night time it is beautiful with the starry mighnight blue as a back drop to the golden fort.

The palace at Jaisalmer is inside the fort. It isn't very well looked after. In fact the fort is falling itno a state of disrepair as the sewage systems that were built 500 years ago cannot cope with the water demands of the 21st century. As a result the foundations are getting weaker and the whole sandstone fort is beginning to crumble and starting to fall.

It would be a shame if it all crumbled down as it is incredibly majestic and beautiful.

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  1. You talk about these cities.... (which sound cool, and im jealous) But Where is the Taj Mahal?!!? Havent heard about that yet :p x