Sunday, 15 March 2009

Indian food

I've held off from talking about the food in India.

I had in mind that as soon as I got hit by Delhi Belly I would write something about the food. But I haven't been hit by Delhi Belly yet - touch wood.

Quite simply, the food has been amazing.

It was a bit hot at first, but I battled through it and have learnt to love it.

Here are my favourite meals:

Egg Curry - from Jodhpur. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Whodda thunked it? Eggs in a curry!

Vailakanaa Mumtaz Special - from Goa, cashew nuts and all the best flavours

Puri - served from a road side in Panaji vendor deep fried shells of pastry served with amazing mango chutney and curry sauce

Cheap Thali - 25 Rupees in a rat infested train station cafe. Not the nicest setting for dinner but cheap as chips and a pretty good Thali.

My least favourite meals:

Dal Bhat - Nepal, quite literally dull, bland lentils and overcooked spinach. We only had this once.

Boiled eggs with honey - I ordered boiled eggs for breakfast at the beach in Goa. I expected soft boiled eggs so cut my toast into soldier. I tapped the top of the egg and realised they were hard boiled. I was devastated. Emma suggested putting ketchup on the eggs to make them more appetising. I did this. But it wasn't ketchup in the ketchup bottle... it was honey. Hmmm... nice. Not really a bad meal just a disappointing one.

Jam sandwiches - we've had a lot of these. jam is cheap, bread is cheap, and it saves us buying breakfast. I normally like jam, but we've had a lot now and I'm a bit sick of it.

So, yeah, food here has been pretty amazing. Even in the most basic and humble street side cafes we've been wowed by the food.

For now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my tummy survives the next few days in Mumbai.

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