Sunday, 15 March 2009

India has changed me

Anyone that knows me well will know that I don't drink milk. I haven't toouched the stuff in years! The thought of a glass of milk actually makes me want to be violently sick. So I live a life where I don't drink milk in tea and where I eat dry cereal.

But India has changed me.

Everywhere in India they sell chai. Chai is a mix of spices and hot milk.

Emma has been drinking it since we arrived. It has never really appealed to me, primarily because of the milk content, and secondly because you only get a 35ml cup - pitiful!

When we were in Udaipur we decided to take a cooking class. Ther first recipe we were taught was chai.

Now, to be fair, I don't really class making tea as cooking, Indian or otherwise, so I was a little shocked to see it in a cooking class.

So once we learnt to make the tea, we had the chance to drink it.

So there I was faced with milky chai. I'd watched it being made. I'd seen the white stuff being poured into the pan, i watched it boil and there was the glass in front of me.

I drank it.

Yes, I drank it. I drank a cup of tea with milk.

And... I enjoyed it.

The flavours of all the spices are beautiful! You can't really taste the milk because the spices overwhelm. It's just tasty hot liquid.

Now, before you all start, I'm not going to change completely and become a milk drinker. The thought of a glass of milk revolts me still. And British tea doesn't need milk! But this chai was really nice. I even had another cup on the train the other day.

So I guess I haven't found enlightenment, but I have discovered I can drink a cup of milky chai.

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