Monday, 9 March 2009

An evening back home in the UK...

After leaving the internet cafe last night, Jones and I made a quick dash across the city to the INOX Cinema.

We had been told earlier in the day that Slumdog Millionaire was showing at 5pm and that we should go see it.

We arrived at the cinema eight minutes late and Emma was reluctant to go in having missed the start.

We ummed and ahhed and decided to go in despite having missed the first 13 minutes.

As we zipped in and sat in our seat we were immediately taken back home.

The seats were fully cushioned, with drinks holders and they even reclined a little for the ultimate cinema experience.

It was seriously like being back home.

That was until an hour into the film... The lights came up, the film stopped and everyone made their way out of the cinema.


An interval. Of course, an interval!

Jones popped out to buy some popcorn and I sat and watched the adverts.

But these were not the sophisticated adverts you get back home, oh no. This intermission adverts were basically business cards projected on the cinema screen that went round on a loop. Adverts for a face cream that includes tumeric, adverts for sari shops and restaurants. It was like the small ads you get in newspapers back home, but on the big screen.

Jones came back with popcorn. Caramel. About 70 pence. Bargain! Despite the fact that this cinema was practically in the UK, the cinema still hadn't learnt that it could hike up the prices! Mental.

So the adverts finished and the film restarted and we enjoyed the rest of the film.

Once the film had finished we went back out into the cinema to enjoy it. Wow, it really was like being back home. You could even buy nachos!

It was a really weird experience. Seriously weird.

Even the toilets were like those at Cineworld in Cardiff - right down to the metal panels with pretend rivets on them.

So weird.

But yeah, the film was great, beautiful and true to life. The poverty you see in the film is just what we experience on a day to day basis. It was a strange mirror of the world we have been absorbing the last few weeks.

If you haven't seen it, go see it.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the film you will have watch it again though as the first few minutes are quite important to the film. Dad and I watched it last week and thought it was excellent.
    I just new you wouldn't be able to resist buying a pair of shoes.
    Have you bought your own supply of Tiger Balm just in case?
    Take care, have fun.
    Love and miss you loads Mum X X X