Friday, 27 February 2009

The toilet with most beautiful view in the world. Fact!

Sunday 22nd February was the day we chose to climb Sarangkot.

Sarangkot towers over Pokhara's Phewa Tal at a height of 1592m. We had heard from other travellers that the view from the other side of Sarangkot hill was one not to be missed.

In our attempt to avoid the midday sun we got up early and were out of our hotel by 6am. We jumped in a taxi to the start point for the walk up the hill.

This route was far more easy to follow than the one to the Peace Pagoda. This was mainly because a road runs most of the way. Lazy people choose to take taxis up there and walk the final kilometer.

We were going to go all the way on foot.

Everywhere we have been so far in India and Nepal we have had a constant barrage of people wanting to be our guide. In fairness it's a few fast rupees so what have they got to lose by showing a couple of tourists around for an hour or so.

But about twenty minutes into this walk up the mountain side we came across a guide who was very different.

Her english was extremely poor, but she was loyal to us, patient and didn't want any pay.

Our guide was a dog.

At first we thought the dog was following us, then after half hour or so we realised that we were following the dog.

Surely she wouldn't be walking all the way with us? Surely not?

After an hour or so with the dog in tow we decided to name her. Here is the thought process in which her name came about:

"She looks a bit like a Lassie dog..." (me with my great knowledge of dog species.) "Aww a lassi is also a popular drink in India and Nepal" (geddit Lassie/Lassi?) "She's yellow in colour, let's call her Banana Lassi."

And that was it, the dog was named. Yes, I know it's a bizarre thought process, but it worked, and the name stuck.

We walked and walked and as it became more touristy at the top people asked if the dog was ours. We laughed and simply pointed to her as our guide.

Just short of the top Banana Lassi abandoned us. She found another couple going down and decided to join them.

We felt rejected that our guide had left us, but it meant we didn't have to worry about her as we sat at the top and enjoyed the views.

The view was incredible. We'd seen a fair few snow topped mountains on the journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara, but here we had three in front of us. It was just staggering.

Tkaing photos was absolutely futile, it was a view just to be enjoyed. There were three peaks Machhapuhre, Annanpura II and another but I can't remember it's name. They were proper Himalaya Mountains, and they were right in front of me.

I have to say it was probably the most impressive landscape I have ever looked upon.

The Himalayas. Wow.

So we chilled out at the top for a couple of hours. Just chatting, like you do. There was no way we would be heading straight back down. This was just too beautiful to rush.

So naturally when you've drunk 2 litres of water on a two hour walk, your bladder becomes full. Mine became full at the top. It was quite an exposed hill with an army look out point close by. Where on earth was I going to have a wee.

I managed to find a little bush to hide behind. This was quite simply the toilet with the best view in the world. I contemplated taking a rubbish picture while I had a wee, just to savour the moment.

It was such a good toilet spot that I just had to go for another wee before heading back down.

Quite simply beautiful. If ever you get the chance to have a wee in front of the Himalayas, do it! Even if you do get caught out by an army dude (I didn't) it will still be the best wee of your life.

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