Friday, 27 February 2009

Ten minutes left before the internet cafe closes!


I think I';ve written everything about Nepal that is important, but I still have got up to date with the details of India.

I still haven't written about the Taj Mahal and that was ages ago. Never fear, I'll get to it eventually! Honest!

Also coming soon will be:


The train journey that was supposed to take 24 hours but actually took 32 hours (including a night sleeping on a train station floor).

Just waiting for the train to Jaisalmer now where we will spend three nights.

I haven't had a shower/changed my clothes in days and I really smell.

Right that's it, will update next as soon as I can.

Love to everyone reading. x


  1. Eugh! Youd better not smell when you come to Perth!! xx

  2. eurghhh!!smelly! Everything sounds very exciting! It's lovely reading your blog and being led into India whilst supposed to be writing my essay!!!Bit of light relief!!!
    Keep up the updates!
    Lots of love xxxxxx