Friday, 27 February 2009

Road Block Number 1

This tale begins one lazy Saturday afternoon in the town of Pokhara, Nepal.

We had spent the morning watching the annual paragliding competition by the lake side.

After a couple of hours on the internet we decided that we would go for a walk to Devi's Falls about 2km away from the Lake.

So off we went... The first part of the journey was the same as the journey to the Peace Pagoda and we secretly hoped that this wouldn't be another four hour expedition again!

The journey was fairly easy, a path took us straight across the paddy fields and through some small villages.

All the kids we passed sang the same tune to us: "One Rupee, One Chocolate, One Pen".

Sorry kids, but we don't have any! We carried on walking to the falls.

The falls were remarkably unimpressive. A massive let down if I'm being honest. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you are ever in Pokhara don't bother with the waterfall!

So the walk back to the lake is where this post gets interesting...

We headed back the way we came as the sun was setting and we didn't want to have to find our way in the dark.

We walked past the same people doing the same things as they were when we first passed them. The same kids shouted the same call.

Everything was the same, until... we came across seven kids, linked arm in arm blocking the path ahead.

We could see them coming.

"Are they blocking our road Emma?" I said.

"Hmmmm?!?" responded Emma with curiosity.

Then came the fun part.

It was like something off the Gauntlet on Gladiators trying to get past them.

Emma and I split up for the best chance of making it through.

The barricade of children screaming for sweets split in two.

Dodge this way, dodge that way a final run and I was through.

Emma made it through shortly after.

But although we were through the barricaded they still shouted after us for sweets.

We walked off giggling away that this gang of kids had just dared to form a chain across our path, all in the aid of sweeties. Bless them.

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