Saturday, 21 February 2009

My nose is currently a very fetching shade of red

I like the colour red. As you can see, it is the main colour on this site.

However, my nose is very red, and, I don't like it.

My nose caught the sun last week when we were in India. We had a day of travelling in the car so I didn't bother to put any cream on. When we sat for an hour in the sun at a roadside cafe my nose frazzled.

Of course I've been keeping it protected since, but it is still very red.

I managed to pick up some factor 50 nivea sun block from 'Safeway' yesterday so from now on my nose is going to be blocked.

I hope my nose doesn't stay red for very long. It looks very silly in photos. There will have to be some serious Photoshop action when I get home.

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