Wednesday, 21 January 2009


In the last three years I've started up at least four different blogs. None of those blogs have survived longer than a month. In fact, I probably spent more time faffing with colours, layouts and fonts, than I ever spent writing.

But this blog is going to be different.

This time, I actually have something to write about; this blog has a purpose... and (if I say so myself) a great title.

So, how should I begin this blog? I hope that this will become a space where my friends and family can keep up to date with me while I'm travelling around the world. I hope it will become a space where I can be witty and entertaining with my words. I secretly hope that someone will 'discover' this blog, offer me a book deal, and then Richard and Judy will snap it up for their Book Club.

So with such great expectations, where does one begin?

Well, if the title of this post hadn't already given it away, this blog shall beginneth with knickers.

With just six days to go before I set off around the world for eight months it is my underwear that is causing me my greatest dilemma.

I am the proud owner of at least a hundred pairs of pants. But, none of my knickers are appropriate for travelling. They are all too lacy, frilly and downright impractical for long stints on buses and travelling in hot sweaty countries. But buying comfortable and sensible travelling knickers is not the reason for my quandary. The dilemma that is keeping me awake at night is this...

How many pairs of knickers do I need take with me?

Whenever I go away on a weekend break I always take six pairs of knickers (not including those I am wearing when I set off). I know full well that in two days it is highly unlikely that I would require six pairs of knickers, but there is reason for such excessive means... the "needle in a haystack" theorem. It makes perfect, mathematical sense. By taking more knickers with me, I waste less time searching through all my other essential packing.

But this isn't a weekend break. It's an eight month epic.

So, based on the aforementioned theorem, the size of my rucksack (85 litres) and my previous experiences searching for knickers, I should, in an ideal world, take about forty pairs of pants.


Of course it's excessive. 

So, to set myself a challenge, I decided that for the duration of the trip I would take just ten pairs of sensible (boring) cotton knickers.

I know, it's extreme right? 

Then I spoke to Emma. 

Emma, my gorgeous best friend who I will be spending the next eight months of my life with. Emma, who backpacked around Europe for a month with a 55 litre rucksack and moaned she had too much space. Emma, who always travels light. Emma, who is taking THIRTY PAIRS OF KNICKERS!


Three - Zero!


When I initially broached the subject of knickers with Emma I was nervous. I thought she was going to tell me she would be taking just three pairs - a pair to wear, a pair to wash and a pair to dry. I was aghast (yes, aghast!) when she told me she was taking thirty pairs.

Emma's logic was based on the "we don't want to be doing washing too often" theorem. It is, I concede, another good theorem. And one which has thrown me further into the mire.

So far I have bought ten pairs of knickers to take with me. Do I need any more? Should I take thirty pairs like Emma? Is thirty pairs too many? Will ten pairs suffice? Or should I play it safe with a happy medium and take 20 pairs?

Answers on the back of a postcard please, or just comment below.

Love love x